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How to Curb Pesky Nighttime Cravings 

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e all know the feeling; it’s 10pm (or later!), the computers turned off, our nighttime skincare routine’s complete and we’re about to crawl into bed when...we realize...we’re starving! Or at the very least in desperate need of a good snack. We try to ignore the belly rumbles and sleep but realize the hunger is standing in the way of a blissful night’s rest. If we don’t eat something now we’ll be getting up at 4am and running to the fridge. It’s our old friend, nighttime cravings. Here are some of Dr. Nicole Avena, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s expert insight on ways to curb late night snacking. Keep reading to learn how to curb your nighttime cravings below.

4 (Specialist Proven) Ways to Curb Nighttime Cravings:

1) Nourish Your Body Throughout the Day

According to Dr. Nicole Avena, giving your body the nourishment it needs during the day is crucial in order to avoid cravings at nighttime. If your body is not nourished throughout the day, it will try to overcompensate later on. Your body knows how much it needs to eat and how much it needs to perform the important restorative processes that go on while you sleep. So make sure to eat a nutritious dinner that includes ample protein so that you’ll stay fuller longer as the evening wears on.

Note: this means your body may need a higher amount of calories on the day’s you’ve worked out or exerted more energy. As well as additional “healthy” restorative calories on cheat days.

In A  Nutshell trust your body.

2) Investigate your Hormones

Investigate your Hormones Dr. Nicole Avena claims that “hormones are partially responsible for letting your body know you’re hungry and full. If hormones that control your blood sugar levels, like insulin, are unbalanced, your blood sugar will not be stable, which can lead to intense cravings, especially if your blood sugar levels are particularly low. Other hormones, such as cortisol (the stress hormone) and estrogen (a female sex hormone), can fall out of balance in your body and induce strong cravings. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet and look into any possible deficiencies or health conditions that may be affecting your body’s hunger signals.”

NOTE: Genetics, supplements and sleep can also affect your body's natural hormone levels. If you feel your hormonal levels may be off consider visiting a naturopathic doctor for a full body scan and blood test.

In A Nutshell: keep your temple running smoothly.

3) Avoid Stockpiling Calories

Dr. Nicole Avena says that we shouldn’t “get hung up on “saving” our calories for dinner, because that will only bite us in the end, and “we will be likely to eat too much too quickly and ruin whatever dietary plan we’ve set for that day.” Therefore, it’s the tried and true method of maintaining a healthy diet by eating balanced meals throughout the day with the inclusion of lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein.”

In A Nutshell; it’s all about balance.

4) Use a Food Journal

Dr. Nicole Avena mentions that “it might seem like an inconvenience at first, but logging your food into a journal every day will help you to become more mindful about your eating, and lead to less mindless munching at night. If you struggle with emotional or boredom eating, this method may be especially helpful as it forces you to confront the amount of food you are eating and also gives you the opportunity to question whether or not you are actually eating out of hunger.”

In A Nutshell; write it out so you can look at the bigger picture.

In short; a healthy and balanced good nights sleep is often a result of a healthy, nourished and balanced body and internal echo system. Catch the good zzz's regularly by checking in with yourself, monitoring any changes and fluctuations to your cravings, consulting a specialist (if needed) and most importantly, feed your body nutrient and protein dense, probiotic rich, hormonal balancing smoothies and meals. Check out our HONOR Mornings ®  5- Pack to balance your body and beat the cravings! 

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