How to Take Your Smoothie Habit on Vacay With You

How to Take Your Smoothie Habit on Vacay With You

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How to Easily Take Your Smoothie Habit on Vacay With You

With summer in full swing, you might be staring down just a few short weeks until your summer vacation. You’ve bought your nontoxic sunscreen, started preparations for being away from work and started daydreaming about sipping a mimosa at brunch. You might have even booked reservations for restaurants you don’t want to miss, including desserts and cocktails. It’s time to let go and treat yourself right!

The only problem is that after a few days of recovering from jet lag, eating rich foods and enjoying a daily cocktail, you might begin to notice you feel sluggish, tired and a *little bit* grumpy. I feel you! It’s hard to continue feeling your best if you aren’t honoring and listening to your body—and sometimes that means fewer meals out, even on vacation.

That’s where a daily smoothie habit, which doesn’t seem transportable, comes in. If you feed your body the nutrients, superfoods and adaptogens that it needs in the morning, you’ll be more able to balance out the tacos and tequila you crave in the evening. Here are my five steps to making healthy hotel room smoothies, even while on vacation.


5 Essential Items for Making Your Smoothie Vacation Friendly


You’re never going to want to travel without one again! Hand held immersion blenders are small, light, easy to pack and end up saving you tons of money because you can make smoothies right from the comfort of your hotel room! The only downside is that they tend to show up in your security screening at the airport, so be prepared to open your suitcase and dodge some eye rolls. It’s a small price to pay for smoothie bliss.


I recommend bringing one to two whole avocados and squeezing them into your luggage. Make sure they’re padded and inside a sealed bag so they don’t get squished (I’ve definitely gotten a few greenish, oily stains on my clothes). Side tip: Most hotel rooms don’t come with utensils, so you may need to get crafty and use the mini-blade on most wine keys to slice your avocado open—or bring along a set of reusable utensils. Store any unused portion in the mini bar fridge to keep it fresh.


Prepare a baggie a day so you’re always getting your energy, nutrients and greens while on vacation. There are also brands like HONOR Mornings™, which package all that goodness in easy, travel-sized packets. Side tip: Throw some delicious smoothie “toppers” like chia seeds, hemp seeds and raisins in your bags for a little extra crunch.


My secret healthy vacation tip is using the hotel ice bucket as a basis to do all the mixing. You can also ask the front desk or check the hotel restaurant for a pitcher of water. They’ll find a way to dig one up for you!


Depending on where you’re traveling to, the local tap water might not be great for your belly. Do your research beforehand, and if you need to, buy bottled water (in BPA-free or glass bottles) at the airport (or stop by a grocery store and hope for almond milk). Remember to reuse your bottle throughout the entire trip.


I love stopping by a grocery store pre-flight and grabbing some delicious blueberries for the flight—and I try to save some leftovers for the smoothie.

When you’re ready to make your smoothie, pour the powders, water, avocado, toppers and blendable fruit into your bucket or pitcher and blend away, using your hand-held mixer. Make sure to start slow and increase the blender speed gradually, holding it level while mixing, or things may get a little messy. But it’s all worth it to not have to leave your room for breakfast, or order insanely overpriced room service! Get back in bed, sip, savor and enjoy, knowing you’re boosting your body to help you cope later.

— Originally published on Well Insiders, July 4, 2019 


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