Tips for HONORing Yourself During Quaratine

Tips for HONORing Yourself During Quaratine

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Use this time to slow down and connect with yourself on a deeper level, while still HONORing our mind, body and soul. 

Keep reading for our tips on how to optimize this time of personal space in quarantine for healing, creativity and personal growth.

Get Fresh Air: If you can, try to get and get some fresh air everyday. Inhale the fresh air and breathe it deeply. Let it invigorate, replenish and energize your body, mind and soul. Sit on your balcony, and position your heart towards the sun. Let the warm, healing rays flow into your heart and soothe you. Take off your shoes and feel the earth under your feet. Ground yourself in nature. 

Move your Body & Break a Sweat: Working out and moving your body is a healthy way for your body to expel pent up stress, anxiety and clear the adrenals. Plus it helps with sleep, creativity and emotional balance. Now’s the time to get creative in your approach! Try a free youtube workout video, go for a jog around the block, dance around your living room or find a lush nearby lawn to exercise on. Just move your body in whichever way feels good! The owners of the local “Tartine” probably get a crack out of watching me do my lunges and squats outside their restaurant, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Get creative and make your own makeshift weights by filling a knapsack with magazines, or holding bricks and water bottles (ideally glass). Have fun and get nice and sweaty!

Get Creative: Get those creative juices flowing and stay inspired. Creativity stimulates the mind, and helps you stay in a positive, relaxed and motivated mindset. Express yourself with a fun creative outlet and let your subconscious run wild! Use this time to learn a new hobby and skills. Buy an inexpensive tie dye kit online and go to town on some old clothes. Watch a masterclass (I’ve been loving Kelly Wearsters class on Interior Design), write a book or start an electronic book club. I believe that it’s our human purpose to share our unique gifts and talents with the world. So why not use this time to extend your list of offerings! You are magic.

Eat Healthy: What you eat affects your mood, energy and sleep. Try to HONOR your body with loving and nutritious foods and practice conscious eating. But make sure to keep it creative and fun with new and experimental recipes! Try building a pinterest board of all the recipes that make you drool and turn you on! We recommend HONORing yourself every morning with premium protein, superfood and adaptogen rich smoothie supplements (, but then trying something special and unique for lunch. Why not try that blender soup, mayan hot chocolate and homemade bean burgers or falafels you’ve been craving? Don’t forget to sprinkle a little magic and love onto every meal.

Stay Hydrated: Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking 2L to a gallon of water everyday. Hydration is beneficial in flushing out waste from the body, regulating body temperature, helping with brain function and regulation a healthy weight. We love to keep our water intake creative, enjoyable and fun! Mix it up by adding lemon, tea bags, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, frozen fruit and chlorophyll into your alkaline or filtered spring water. It’s all good stuff. You can also make a detoxifying and regulating hymalyan sea salt sole by filling half a glass with pink hymalayan sea salt and letting it absorb overnight. Be careful not to use a metal lid or spoon. Then enjoy a tablespoon in a full glass of water. Try this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating. 

Rest Well: Try to get on a regular sleep schedule and get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. This allows your body to heal and run in an energized, clear way. Sleep keeps the brain healthy by clearing out toxins that naturally build up throughout the day. During sleep, brain cells perform the cleaning process and prune away unnecessary synapses and repair the brain’s neural wiring. This results in improved memory, boosted mood, curbed cravings and anti-aging. Our favorite ways to sleep well are to put our phones (and computers) on night shift, making a soothing tea (we love nettle or dandelion), and enjoy a light magnesium or CBD supplement. Night night.

Mental Health Flow: This is an important time to work on your mental health. If you can, connect with your therapist (lot’s are offering virtual discounts right now), talk to friends and family and engage en, loving and supportive conversations about how you’re feeling and how the current situation is affecting you. We also love journaling in a stream of conscious style, and using this time to catch up on our productive reading. There are also beautiful documentaries  and movies like Heal, Honeyland and The Biggest Little Farm which remind us that no matter how it may appear, everything happens for a reason and the universe is always on our side. 

Meditate & Practice Affirmations: Staying in a positive mindset is key. Whether we’re aware of it or not, the mind is always thinking thoughts and sending us messages about ourselves and the external world. Those thoughts then turn into feelings and impact the way we approach ourselves, others and the world. A lot of the time, those thoughts are subconscious and imprinted in our psyche from childhood, and we’ve lost control of the messaging. Positive affirmations allow us to subtly, and lovingly get back in control of our own internal narrative. Daily affirmations can boost your psychological immune system and provide you with a sense of internal safety and strength. Self-affirmations have been shown to decrease health-deteriorating stress which makes us more resilient to difficulties when they arise. 

Here are some of our favorite affirmations. Say each 5 times every morning and night, ideally first thing when you wake up and right before bed:

  1. I trust the process of life, always bringing me my highest good!

  2. I protect my positivity with ease and always keep my delicious vibrations high!

  3. I feel unshakably confident being myself exactly as I am!

  4. I love and I approve of myself and I trust the process of life, I am safe!

Finally, remember to breathe and be kind to yourself. No matter what, you are safe, secure and divinely guided. We will get through this together. You are loved!

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