About HONOR Organics

HONOR Organics is a premier, wellness brand connecting science to spirit.

Made with love and nutritionist backed, our Superfood Smoothie Blend is 100% organic, vegan, sweetener free, GMO free and comprised of the ideal combination of plant protein, supergreens, spirulina and adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs. It’s made of the highest quality vegan protein powder, mucuna, reishi, maca, spirulina, and other supergreens to help you glow from within and feel amazing. It's truly Smoothies with Superpowers!

HONOR Organics was born of the idea that each meal should serve as an act of self-love and we believe that HONORING your body is the first step in loving yourself. Once the foundation is laid, the rest will follow.

What We Represent:

   Loving Yourself  
   Taking care of your body, mind, & soul   
   Listening to your body   
   Following your intuition  
   Stepping into your power 
   HONORing yourself 


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